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Serving alcohol at a special event or owning any organization that serves alcohol involves various risk. Liquor liability insurance policy may care for you if someone purchases drunk on your premises and therefore injures himself or others or damages someone's property. This insurance also can cover your employees.

Difficulty: Tolerably Easy


1 Learn the kind of liquor responsibility insurance you need. You want host liquor responsibility if you are organizing any special event that is will assist spirits plus you undertake not operate a business that serves alcohol. You want regular liquor responsibility if you sell or serve alcohol.

2 Select the kind regarding coverage you want. Utmost policy limits are commonly $1, website internet site website, website website web site, even though you can find policy limits for up to $2, website website web site, website website website. You can also find policy limits as small as $5 website, web site website website. Make sure you have enough comprehensive coverage to protect your organization and assets.

3 Search critiques for various insurance companies to define your top choices. Visit websites like Some.M. Best to for ratings on companies that interest you.

4 Speak to representatives of your three top insurance company preferences to examine quotes. Be prepared to give them your complete business or event information, which can include your spirits license number, types regarding alcohol served, gross annual sales about your business, opening and closing times about your company or special event, seating plus capacity limits.

5 Select your policy based on the most comprehensive coverage you may get for the lowest premium.

Tips & Warnings

Inquire each insurer if it offers discounts for classes also training that you or your employees attend. Find from if your best insurance company choices produce price quotes available online. Internet quotes can support pace up the method of selecting an insurance carrier. Spirits responsibility insurance many times does not fully eliminate your responsibility in most situations. Check your state and local spirits laws plus carefully read your insurance scheme for exclusions.