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Doing an automated study with Salome and CodeAster

This example may seem a little artificial. However this was part of my work this summer for a research partner of my university. I am not allowed to place the original problem here because conflicts with the companies secrets would be inevitable. So I have to construct a new problem around the expertise I gained from my task.


If there is the need to analyze lots of topological likewise geometries then automation cam make life easier. This paragraph describes automatable analysis of a 2D part section. Given the case the geometry comes as list of vertices in a known order we can read this list with a script and create a TUI script.

The input data

The input data for the analysis is stored in a text file containing information about the geometry and the load. The geometry, a 2D part section, is given by a list of vertices. The point where the concentrated load acts on the structure is also given. Distributed load in 3D results in concentrated load in the 2D section. The text file may look like this:

# data for part sect01

name = 'sect01'

case1.fx = 120.0;
case1.fy = 21.5;

case2.fx = -54.0;
case2.fy = 97.2;

vrtcs = [
12.0 100.0
... ...
... ...

to be continued ...